Monday, March 14, 2011

Black Women, Stay Away From Self-Hating Black Men

This post is about telling my sisters to stay away from self-hating black men because when I go to YouTube, it seems like self-hating black men are exposing themselves. I ran across this YouTube account named TheLeroyRadioShow aka Corey Holcomb who have this BOYCOTTBLACKWOMEN campaign going on. He's telling all black men to leave black women alone. He said that black women are played out, and that black women are so 90s. He said that black women ought to be used as sex objects and not marriage. He said that non-black women are used for marriage only. He also said that black women shouldn't date outside the race because it looks awkward when a non-black man is with a black woman but it looks normal when a black man is with a non-black woman. WTF????? WHAT'S WRONG WITH THIS DUDE???? It seems to me that he hates to see black women with non-black men. It seems like he wants to see black women suffer. I'm telling you, this guy and guys like him are sick.

This is showing me that black men like him will never change their self-hating way, so black women it's time for you to start venting out to different races of men who will appreciate your brown skin, naturally Afro-textured hair, and African features. Back in the day, black men used to cherish us and love us, but now, they hate us to the oblivion simply because we're black. To tell you the truth, it's heartbreaking when a black man no longer wants to be with women that share the same ethnic background as him. I'm sorry, but anytime a black man hates a black woman or doesn't want to be with black women at all, it shows me that he doesn't like himself. It shows that he doesn't like the skin that he's in. He doesn't like his mother, sister, grandmother, aunts, female cousins. He doesn't like himself at all because a black woman is the reflection of the black man. If he doesn't like the sight of a black woman, then he doesn't like the sight of himself. Everytime I say this, they are in denial, but even racist white people can see this.

You know what, black women, it's time for you to find yourself a non-black man because by the way black men are towards black women, it's not going to get any better. It's going to get worse. I mean, look at the music videos that's out today. I don't see black women ANYWHERE as love interests of black male singers in these videos. I don't see black women as love interests in movies with black men. I don't even see biracial black women or light skinned black women in music videos and movies anymore. We are being replaced by non-black women, and I think that's part of the reason why black men are rejecting us. THE MEDIA HAS A LOT TO DO WITH BLACK MEN LEAVING US!

One thing about non-black men. They love our Afrocentric beauty. They don't look at it as disgraceful like black men of today do. They love our natural hair and brown skin. Black women, I just want to tell you that you should go where you are the most accepted.

I just want to tell you that I'm not lifting up bad black men, and I'm not here to put them on a pedestal. I'm just venting out the frustration that I had with them. It doesn't mean that I'm putting them on a pedestal.