Friday, January 28, 2011

Why Are Black Men Causing A Division Between Black Women and Non-Black Women?

Ladies, I just want to let you know that I don't look at women of ANY race as a threat. I get along with women of all races. I don't hate women of other races because I wasn't brought up that way. With that being said, I just want to ask a question? WHY ARE BLACK MEN CAUSING A DIVISION BETWEEN BLACK WOMEN AND NON-BLACK WOMEN???? I notice that when a non-black woman dates or marries a black man, nine times out of ten, she hates black women. I understand that women in general hate on one another regardless of race, but I feel so hurt when a non-black woman who dates/marries black men hates on black women. They have this superiority complex, and they feel that because they are white, Asian, Latina, Indian, Arab, they have trump black women and they feel that they are above black women. To me, that's racist. The only non-black women that have this superiority complex are the ones who dated/married black men. The other day, someone send me a link of the hate mails of Anh Vu, and I was reading Anh Vu's responses to all the hate mail that was sent to her, and she assumed that the ones that gave her hate mails were black women, and the one thing that striked me the most is that when she said that the only time I want to be black is when it's inside of me, and then she also said that she wouldn't trade being Asian because black men love her yellow skin. This is when I got pissed off. I don't blame her for thinking like that because BLACK MEN boosted her ego up SOOO huge that she thinks that she's above black women. This is the same woman that said in one of her shows on YouTube that it has nothing to do with color. The way she responded, I beg to differ. I notice that she has TREMENDOUS hatred towards black women yet when you hear her talk, she sounds like a stereotypical black woman. I'm going to tell you the truth as of WHY she dislikes black women, and why she said what she said. The reason why Anh Vu did that is because BLACK MEN WHO DATED HER were saying negative things about black women and telling her that she's better than black women because of her hair texture and "yellow skin". Anh Vu didn't think like this overnight. All she dated were black men, so it makes sense for her to say what she said. This is a perfect example of how black men will cause a division between black women and non-black women. It seems like black men hate black women so much that he will turn the non-black woman that he dates/marries AGAINST black women. I've seen it done so many times. And because black men be boosting non-black women's ego up, non-black women, no matter how fat, ugly, mean, nasty, and slutty they are, feel that they trump black women or that they are better than black women. It's like black men who hate black women want EVERYBODY to hate black women to a T! This is SICK SICK SICK! They have TREMENDOUS self hate issues doing that. I'm going to give you another example. One of the YouTube members, BlackPowerStick, was telling a story of when he was dating a white woman, and he brought her to his home to meet his family, and while he was kicking it with his brothers and male cousins, his white girlfriend at the time, smacked his mother in the face while calling her a "black bitch", and said that "I'm better than you", and "that's why your men are going after us". And then she also attacked his sisters as well. When his mother told him what happened to them, he found it strange as in why she didn't attack his brothers and male cousins. He said that she's the type that loves black men but hates black women. When he found out what she did to his mother and sisters, he broke up with her telling her that it's over, and kicked her out of the house. He said that the reason why his ex-girlfriend did that is because the black men that she dated gas her up and boosted her ego by telling her that she's better than black women. I'm pretty sure that before she started dated black men that she didn't think like that. It's like black men want the whole world to go against black women or something. They want to make black women so undesirable that non-black men wouldn't want them, and I believe that's the whole plan of these type of black men bashing black women. THEY DON'T WANT NON-BLACK MEN TO DESIRE BLACK WOMEN!!! They want to keep black women in bondage the same way that racist white people used to keep black people in bondage. Black men have the same mentality as racist white men. Black men and racist non-black men have a lot in common. They both hate black people and black women. They both want the black race to be destroyed because of their insecurities. Let me remind you that all non-black women who dated/married black men are not like that. I always do a test to see if the BM/nonBW relationship is for real and for the right reasons. If I don't hear black men trash black women in front of their non-black spouses, then he did it for the right reasons. If a non-black woman who dates black men has black girlfriends and not thinking that she's better than black women, then it's for the right reasons. If black men who dates/marries interracially values black women AND non-black women, then it's for the right reasons. If a non-black woman or black man thinks that black women are beautiful, then it's for the right reasons. I always test their relationship to see if it's legit. I don't mind seeing black men with non-black women just as long as he still values black women, treats black women with respect, and doesn't bash us to the oblivion. Fortunately for me, I've met black men who have non-black girlfriends who NEVER EVER trash black women. They still value black women and so do their non-black girlfriends. Most the BM/non-BW that I've met are done by the right reasons, but unfortunately, the majority of BM/non-BW relationships are done by the wrong reasons. I'm going to give you ladies a list of tests to see if the BM/non-BW relationships are for the right reasons or if it's for the wrong reasons. I'm doing this because not all BM/non-BW relationships are the same.


Black men truly loves his non-black girlfriend/wife

Black men with non-black spouses NEVER trash, bash, throw black women under the bus in front of their non-black spouses

Non-black women with black spouses never think that she's above black women, and she values black women for who they are, and they have a lot of black girlfriends BEFORE and AFTER they dated/married black men

Black men with non-black spouses respects and values his black mother, sisters, grandmothers, aunts, and female cousins

Black men believe that black women AND non-black women are beautiful and valued for their unique beauty, and they are not colorstruck. He dates all kinds of women without excluding black women out of his dating pool.

Black men don't place non-black women over black women. Even if he dates a non-black woman, he still will date black women.


He hates black women in general including his mother, sisters, aunts, grandmothers, and female cousins. He doesn't respect them at all simply because they're black. This is a self-hating issue.

He wants to have lighter-skinned children with so-called "good hair" and keen facial features because when he was younger, he probably was teased for being too dark or called him nappy-headed, big-lipped, wide-nosed monkey, so in order for that situation to not repeat itself, he rejects ALL black women and dates and marries non-black women EXCLUSIVELY so he can produce a biracial child, so when that biracial child gets older, he or she can easily blend it with the white society. Self -hatred at its finest!

He stereotypes black women as being loud, fat, ugly, bad attitudes, and what have you, and he believes that the grass is greener on the other side when in reality, not all black women are the same.

A non-black woman with a black man thinks that she's above black women because of hair texture, facial features, and skin tone, and she doesn't have any black female friends, and she hates his mother, sister, and female relatives.

A black man dates EXCLUSIVELY non-black women and excluded ALL of the black women (light and dark) out of his dating pool no matter how good-hearted and attractive she is.

Black men think that women of their own race are ugly and hideous because of their brown skin, full lips, wide nose, and Afro-textured hair, and they think that non-black women are attractive simply because of their naturally straight hair, thin lips, small nose, and white/light skin.

These are the right reasons and the wrong reasons why black men date/marry out. That's all that I have to post here for today. I hope that you get the message.

Here's the source of Anh Vu's responses to hate mail: