Thursday, June 16, 2011

Black Men Using Biological Science To Justify Their Preference For Lighter Women

Hello, everybody! I haven't been posting here for 3 months because I've been going through a lot and I just want to take a break for a minute. I was watching one of the videos that a brother made about why black men preferred light skinned/mixed/non-black women, and he said that it's all because of biological reasons. He said that it's a biological preference for males to want white women because they are the fairest of all women and most men want fair-skinned women. They associate light skin with femininity and dark skin with masculinity. He said that light skin equates estrogen (a female hormone) and dark skin equates testosterone (a male hormone). So, in other words, the darker the woman, the more manly she looks SIMPLY because of her dark skin. This is one of the reasons why a lot of these black men abandon black women of a darker shade. A lot of black men want to justify their craving for light/white flesh by using bullshit studies that has a racist/sexist agenda. This gentleman said that using the media, and the cultural conditioning to worship European standards of beauty is a "copout", and that it's evolution that men preferred lighter women. He said that male babies like to look at lighter female faces than darker female faces. WTF?????? He said that black women have more testosterone than non-black women and that testosterone has given black women dark skin, Afro hair and African features. In other words BLACK WOMEN LOOK LIKE MEN SIMPLY BECAUSE OF THEIR DARK SKIN, KINKY HAIR, WIDE NOSE, AND FULL LIPS! This is the most ridiculous bullshit that I have ever heard! Since when did being black for a woman is ugly but being black for a man is good-looking? This is BULLSHIT! We all know that men's craving for lighter women with long straight hair, blond hair, blue eyes, pointy nose, thin lips has a WHOOOOLE lot to do with adapting to the European standards of beauty. Biology has NOTHING to do with this. This is a LEARNED behavior! If you constantly see the same image over and over and over again, of course you will be programmed to believe that it's beautiful because that's all you see. A lot of people who come with these bullshit theories about female beauty is doing it to defeminize and dehumanize and diss black women's looks.

Most black men have been brainwashed to like light-skinned women with long straight hair, pointy nose, and thin lips. They want to use so-called BIOLOGY and EVOLUTION to justify hating darker skinned black women. It's funny how the same darker skinned women that black men diss are embraced by light-skinned black men and non-black men most of the time. Most of the black men that hate darker skinned black women are dark-skinned themselves. He also said that black men married black women by default, and that they only married black women because they have no other choice and that they have no access to non-black women, but when a black man lives in a neighborhood that's predominately non-black, nine times out of ten, he will preferred a non-black women. He failed to realize that when you live in a neighborhood where it's mostly non-black, of course he's going to date them. DUH! So what he is saying is that black men don't want black women, and if they do, a black woman can't be too dark, her hair can't be too short and nappy, she can't look too Afrocentric, her nose can't be too wide etc. They rather for black women to look more European to get with them. They want a black Barbie doll. To a black man, the more Afrocentric the black woman looks, the more black men will reject her. The more European the black woman looks, the more black men will flock to her. They don't want black women who look Afrocentric. Some of these theories say that beauty is objective when it's not. BEAUTY IS SUBJECTIVE, NOT OBJECTIVE!!!!


  1. Wow.

    Why am I not surprised?

    Frankly, as a collective I am over these group of white supremacist with black skin.

    They want to be white men so bad its hilarious!

    These are the same type of "brothers" who are quick to say how feminized and inept non-black men are.

    Meanwhile back on the ranch they are breaking their necks to take care of their daughters. The daughters of the white men who they "hate" so much! LOL

    We have all heard this argument before. Black men are the most MASCULINE of men therefore the most superior of all men on earth, which in TURN makes their own women ...MEN and all non-black women the cream of the crop.

    These are the damn men breeding these psycho mixed children I keep meeting who HATE black people. Their self-esteem (like their father) is tightly wound with stepping on black people specifically BLACK women.

    Whatever. Let these fuckers breed themselves into extinction.

  2. Tatum, I notice that biracial kids who have black fathers HATE black women. I work with some of them. The biracial kids that I work with will call me ugly because I'm black and not biracial. I notice that they never want to acknowledge that they are black. They got this thinking from their self-hating black fathers. These type of black men will break their necks to take good care of their mixed children, but will NEVER see their full black kids. They will leave the black women that they have black kids with by themselves to take care of the black kids on their own. Black men want to be like the white man SO bad that they will usually say the same racist things towards black women that the racist white man will say. I hear them calling black women "black bitches" "nigger bitches", etc. Yes, BLACK MEN are saying this. That bastard that I talked about in my pose want to use a so-called scientific biological study and God-forsaken evolution to justify leaving black women for non-black women because of their LIGHT SKIN! I can understand men preferring lighter women WITHIN their ethnic group because men and women who are the same skin tone, nine times out of ten, the man is three shades darker than the woman, but these self-hating black men want to take that to the extreme and use it to justify leaving black women for non-black womene and go OUTSIDE the ethnic group. Black men are the most self-hating men in the world, and they will NEVER get ahead in life. They are lagging behind non-black men and that's why they want to use their so-called "sexual prowess" to place themselves on top because they don't have any power.

  3. Mia

    Wow , Nicole your eyes are wide open sister. I also see whats is going on in this pathetic world. I have to say sister all of my friends also see how weak black men are. I also must admit their is alot of ignorant sister out there as well. We as black women must stop and stick together and stop hating on each other. I want us to respect and learn from each other. We are truly beautiful and unique. I always tell little black girls they are beautiful because i know the world is hard on them .It hurts me to my heart to see us sister trying to still beg black men to come home. Nicole just so happen i am married to a black man that see how pathetic black men are.They will date just about anything that look white looks are not even important just glad she is light skinned . Let me tell you i had a hard time trusting my husband and he work hard to earn that trust. He look me in my eyes a said we as black men has failed you.I am starting a organization called BWU (Black Women Unite). Its for sisters across the world to join together and support each other because all we have is each other . Black men are lost and we need to let them go. I want to see my beautiful sisters open new doors because we don't realize just how much we can accomplish with out a black man . Black men are physically strong but mentally weak and that we don't need. Not all black men think this way. But lets be honest its only what 25% of strong black men out there (probably put that percentage to high) and that's not enough to go around. We have so many other races of men out there that appreciate our beauty and we dont need these bottom dwellers in our life. I enjoyed reading both post. I am so glad we are opening up our eyes to this foolishness and we will overcome this stigma. I always have to express to sister look they abandoned us why u feel guilty about dating outside your race . Black men do it and they don't look back . Black men stands for brainwased lack of knowledge men.

  4. Maybe you should just forget about black men? You seem to be too focused on men. You say don't want you. That cannot be healthy.

    Focus your energy on being healthy, and happy. Then maybe find a partner that cares about you.

  5. well fine, i counter that i'm socialized to only want hot white men because they have the power, knowledge, family oriented society, and ability to run the world. and to brainwash black men apparently, by the black man's own words. why would i want a black man who can be easily brainwashed?

  6. Yes, I heard about this bullshit. Really, it is just another excuse for most black men to run to white or light-skinned women. This is really exhausting. Personally, I am not really into dating but you can be damn sure, I won't be going with someone who thinks I am shit because my skin is dark. I have to say that most times, black men make me extremely sick

  7. The women who writes this blog clearly has low self esteem.

    Try go finding some loser.

    1. Noble, just because I'm talking about something doesn't mean I have low self-esteem. Black men need to get exposed.