Sunday, February 13, 2011

Black Women CAN Grow Long Hair Without Being Mixed

This post is about how black women CAN grow long hair. When I think of long hair, I think of long hair length that's bra-strap and longer. A lot of people think that if your hair is not down to your waist, then it's not long, and I'm here to tell you that's far from the truth. What upsets me is when they say that black women can't grow long hair, and if black women DO grow long hair down to their bra-strap or whatever, they (racists, uninformed black people) don't call it long, but medium-length, but when a non-black woman has hair down to her bra-strap, they call it long. The reason why they did that is because of jealousy of black women with long hair. They are saying this because they want to keep the notion that black women can't grow long hair at all! Even black people said that as well. I saw these videos on YouTube about "Hair Type", and I was watching "Hair Type: 4a, 4b, 4c". 4a, 4b, 4c is Afro-textured hair type. The narrator (black woman) said that 4a, 4b, and 4c hair doesn't grow very well, and I was like WTF???? Why do people think that only people with naturally straight hair can grow hair long and fast. What she fail to realize is that ALL hair type grows, and hair texture and ethnicity doesn't determine hair growth pace. Hair growth is 1/2 to 1 inch a month.
As much as I can't stand relaxers, if Afro-textured hair doesn't grow, then how come black woman always get touch-ups every two-weeks? That's because their hair is growing! DUH! That proves that Afro-textured hair DOES grow.

Afro-textured hair is the most fragile hair of all hair types, and it easily breaks off and make it appear like our hair is not growing when it really is. The reason why is because when your hair is tightly coiled, the natural hair oil, sebum, doesn't go down our hair shaft as freely as naturally straight hair. The tighter the curl, the harder for sebum to go down freely. And because sebum doesn't go down our hair shaft freely, it's always dry, and when it dries, the hair breaks off. That's why we always put grease and oils in our hair to prevent it from drying. Using heavy grease and oils are bad idea for Afro-textured hair types. In order for Afro-textured hair to MAINTAIN hair growth without breaking off, you have to take EXTRA EXTRA care of your hair because like I said before, Afro-textured hair is more fragile than other hair types. You also have to constantly keep it moist. I notice that water is Afro-textured hair's best friend. Water works better with Afro-textured hair in its natural state. In order to seal in the moisture, you have to use a Leave-In Conditioner that has a ph Balance of 4 to 6. But remember, just because Afro-textured hair is the most fragile doesn't mean that it doesn't grow at all. Kimmaytube has videos on YouTube to explain how to grow your hair longer than it has ever been. She and other natural sistas with long hair are witnesses that unmixed black women CAN grow long hair down to their bra-straps and beyond.

Everytime there's a video of a black woman with real long hair that's NOT a weave, some ignorant commentators will come and say that her hair is not long, or she's still a bald-headed black bitch, or she must be mixed with something to get that hair length because full black women can't grow hair that long. If a dark-skinned black woman has real long hair, people assume that it's a weave because they have this notion that it's impossible for a dark-skinned black woman to have hair that long. They want to hold on to that myth that black woman who are dark-skinned or unmixed can't grow hair down to their bra-strap or waist, and if they do, they're mixed with another ethnicity. WTF???? Someone when as far to say that the more negro genes you have, the shorter your hair, and that black women have genes from Africa that determines their short hair, and I was like WTF???? And someone also said that only white, Arab, Latinas, Indians, and Asians can grow very long hair, but not African-American women unless she's mixed with white, Arab, Latina, and Indian. She said that full-blooded black woman have very short, nappy hair, and they look like men. I can tell by the comments that she made that she's racist and jealous of unmixed black women with very long hair.

Anytime a person said something awful towards unmixed black women with long hair, that person is a racist, jealous individual who feels threatened. An attractive unmixed black woman who's slim and have REAL long hair is a THREAT to a lot of people because they want to keep the notion that unmixed black women are fat, ugly, masculine, and bald-headed. They're doing this to keep themselves at the top while putting you at the bottom. They don't want you to be on the same beauty level as women of other ethnicities.

Black women, don't listen to ignorant people who tell you that you can't grow long hair. They are doing this to keep you at the bottom of society. Black women CAN grow long hair without being mixed if you take EXTRA EXTRA care of it and not put chemicals in it.


If you have time, I want you to go to kimmaytube's channel, and she's going to show you step by step in how to achieve longer hair naturally. She's a natural sista. Here's her channel...